Transforming the Industry

Teltonika, a prominent manufacturer of IoT devices, has appointed Nfinite I.T Solutions Services Inc. as their sole distributor, a development that carries significant implications for the tech industry. As part of the partnership agreement, Teltonika has agreed to provide Nfinite with a list of resellers and end-users that are currently using or are interested in using their devices.

With a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative IoT devices for over two decades, Teltonika's diverse range of products caters to different industries such as vehicle tracking systems and industrial routers. Nfinite I.T Solutions Services Inc., on the other hand, is an established IT solution provider with a broad network of resellers and partners.

The partnership between Teltonika and Nfinite is expected to be mutually beneficial, with Teltonika leveraging Nfinite’s extensive distribution network across various industries and geographies, and Orange Trac gaining access to Teltonika's cutting-edge technology, allowing them to offer an even more comprehensive range of solutions to their customers.

The CEO of Nfinite IT Solutions Services Inc., Benjie Javier Jr., expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that Teltonika's products are among the best in the industry, and his company is delighted to offer them to their customers. The collaboration between the two companies is expected to have a substantial impact on the IoT market, as they work together to bring groundbreaking technology to a broader audience. With their shared focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Teltonika and Nfinite are poised to be major players in the IoT industry, making a new era in the development of IoT technology.

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